Why Put Mom In A Residential Care Home

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As one starts to get older and enter the latter stages of their life, many will start to feel that living at home is a struggle as the-day-to-day tasks become increasingly difficult. Also, the fact that they are getting older will mean that living anywhere else becomes a massive challenge. The alternative, however, is to consider a residential family care home.
It can be a tricky encounter when your mom is having a little trouble with the basic necessities of life and just the thought of having them move away does not make things any easier. Initially, they find it hard to settle in areas or the surroundings that they are not familiar with, but also they may find it hard to relate to new people who they have never met before. One thing which is a frequent problem is that elderly people tend to focus on talking about their own problems and needs which may be hard for other residents to follow.
Despite these concerns, one option is to consider is a residential family care home, where smaller homes may be a better alternative. This is because more attention can be attributed to your loved one.
Although, large nursing homes tend to be very structured in the ways they care for their residents, these long-term facilities may have tight schedules so that they can provide care for the large number of residents that live there. This is because when larger nursing homes develop their schedules, they may focus on the availability of their staff and services rather than on what may be convenient for the residents.
Special Touch living residential care home has very high standards when it comes to the attention and care that your loved one needs.
Our guarantee to you implies that we offer an extensive variety of trained professional staff to help your loved one keep their independence while being safe and helping with the everyday errands of living. We will give your loved one top quality care while also maintaining their freedom.
Our main goal is for your loved one to feel like they are at home.
As a Special Touch living family member you will appreciate a full complement of staff that is incorporated in the month to month charge, for example,
  • Three Delicious dinners a day – Low salt and Low sugar eating methodologies gave.
  • Three nutritious snacks a day.
  • Assistance with individual care, for example, washing, dressing, and washing of individual garments.
  • Maintenance of occupant rooms.
  • Diverse social, recreational, social and instructive exercises
  • Wellness projects produced for every occupant, including wellness exercises and dietary counseling.
  • Room components incorporate both private and semi-private facilities.
  • Wheel Chair Accessible
Beside our alluring exercises program, we take delight in knowing that special touch living is a house that your loved one will want to call their home. We take pride in offering our family member a luxuriously enhanced home with hardwood floors all through the home and pleasant carpeting in their rooms.
If you want peace of mind, knowing that you or your loved one are getting quality care then let special touch livings house become your home.
Welcome to the family!
Kirt Eure

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