Residential Assisted Living Homes

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Assisted living homes are state regulated Residential homes that cater to seniors who need ongoing help with personal care and daily activities, yet who wish to retain their independence to the fullest extent that they can. Because these individuals do not need daily medical care at this point, assisted living can be an appropriate housing option.

Assisted living facilities aim to provide as much autonomy as the resident is capable of. Most facilities offer 24-hour supervision and a variety of support services, with more privacy and space than many nursing homes, and usually at a lower cost.

Assisted living services include assistance with simple domestic tasks, ranging from housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation, to assistance with bathing and dressing. High-service assisted living facilities are more likely to provide services as transportation, assistance with medications, exercise and wellness programs, basic health status monitoring, help with locomotion, assistance with toilet use, and nursing supervision or monitoring.

Other services include temporary nursing care and minor foot care and, less commonly, they sometimes offer hospice care and overnight sitter or companion services. Over the past five years, the number of assisted living homes has been on the rise as the proportion of total facilities due to the aging population who is becoming frailer and needs assistance with activities of daily living. Occupancy rates for assisted living homes have not been significantly stifled by the recession because these facilities provide less discretionary services, thus creating heightened opportunity in dementia care that tends to be more needs-based than independent living facilities. 

In fact, a number of top industry operators have converted independent living unites to assisted living communities or boosted services at assisted living facilities to include memory care fee. Occupancy rates can suffer as the housing market slumps because it takes longer for people to sell their homes. As a result, this segment has declined as a share of industry revenue over the past five years.

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