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4. Money Signs That Its Time for Residential Assisted Living  

Does your loved one's mail become overlooked?  If so that’s a clue to how he or she is managing money, which is a early warning sign of cognitive trouble.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Piles of mail in various places. Finding heaps of mail spread around raises concern about how bills, insurance, and other matters are being managed.
  • Unopened personal mail. If you notice unopened mail just sitting around the house, then might be time for you to consider a residential assisted living home.  A residential assisted living home will insure that the your loved one’s mail will not be lost or misplaced.
  • Unopened bills. This can show that your loved one is having trouble managing finances; this is one of the most familiar first signs of dementia.  
  • Delinquent letters from creditors. To find your loved ones bills on the floor or table unopened is alarming enough, but it gets worse when they're referring to overdue payments, overdrawn balances, recent accidents, or other concerning procedures.
  • Thank-you messages from charities. Seniors are often vulnerable to scammers. Even those who have always been financially cautious.  If you’re loved one is having trouble with making sound decisions (which is common sign of Alzheimer's disease). Some charities target seniors’ givers over and over, and your loved one may not remember having donating the first time.

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