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6. Kitchen Signs for Assisted Living Home | Special Touch Living

Go throughout your loved ones kitchen, from to cupboards to oven. Because people spend so much time in this room, you can learn a lot.

Look for:

  • Stale or expired foods. We all buy more than we need. Refrigerator Look for signs that food is not only old but that this is overlooked — mold, sour milk that’s still used, or expiration dates well past due, for example.
  • Numerous of the same items. Ten bottles of ketchup? More cereal than can be eaten in a year? Multiples often reveal that the shopper can’t remember from one store trip to the next what’s in stock at home.
  • Frozen TV dinners. Your loved one may purchase them for convenience sake, but frozen dinners tend not to make healthy diet. If there’s not much fresh food in the house.  If this is happening your loved one might be ready for a residential assisted living, they will have someone to prepare all meals.
  • Broken appliances. Check them all: microwave, coffeemaker, toaster, washer, and dryer. Any piece of equipment you know your loved one uses make sure its workings.
  • Signs of fire. Are range knobs burnt? Pot bottoms singed badly burnt,  any potholders have burned edges? Also look for a discharged fire extinguisher, smoke detectors that have been disassembled, or boxes of baking soda near the stove. Accidents happen
  • Increased takeout. A change in physical or mental abilities might explain a downshift to simpler recipes or food choices.

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