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10. Get Input from Others Assisted Living | Special Touch Living

Get the participation of others who know your loved one. Softly probing about what others think isn't nosy; you're love, concerned, and proactive.

Look for:

  • Circle of friends. Talk to friends and family members to get their op of how the person is faring. Listen for stories that hint that the person doesn't get out much you will hear comments such as “She does not come over anymore." "She quit the members club."). Pay attention to remarks that point to ongoing concerns.
  • Medical insight. With suitable consent, your loved one's primary doctor might share your concerns about his or her patient's security at home — or may be able to alleviate those concerns or suggest where to get a home assessment.
  • A second opinion. It is always better to get a second opinion from a professional geriatric care professional when making the decision to put your loved one in a residential assisted living home.  Many residential assisted living homes will provide you with an informal evaluation.

While you’re loved one may initially resist the notion of “someone they don’t know" checking on them. It’s very important to get that second opinion. 

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