Delicious Elderly Snacks

Older adults have different dietary wants than that of younger adults. Diabetes can change some senior’s diet, making some snacks necessary for maintaining a balanced blood glucose level. Also, some seniors develop conditions like arthritis which can make mealtime difficult. That’s why it’s imperative to eat healthy and enjoyable snacks.

Socially:  Snacks are a great way to incorporate healthy eating into any social setting. Offering seniors a chance to enjoy companionship over a cup of tea or coffee. Social interaction is an important part of life, helping the elderly stay active and energized.

Delicious elderly snacks: Healthy snacks are wholesome. They help enhancement the diet, filling in nutritional gaps. 

Activity:  Preparing food can be an excellent activity for some seniors. Fixing finger foods and other snack items is a great way to keep seniors active and energetic.

When choosing the proper menu for the elderly, natural snacks are always the best choices, as they are unrefined and free from additives and excess salt and sugar. Below is a list of some healthy snack ideas for the elderly:

Veggie Snacks: A mixed bag of carrots and broccoli are a great treat, packed with essential vitamins. 

Fresh Fruit: Apple, oranges and cut up bananas make a sweet and tasty snack in all seasons. If you are making a platter, cut fruit tossed in a bowl is a delicious snack day or night. 

Peanuts: Peanuts are a great alternative to chips. They are a rich source of vitamin E, niacin, and protein.

Cheese: Cheese makes a satisfying snack. Cottage cheese is low in fat, high in protein, and flexible enough to add to almost any mealtime or snack.  Parmesan, Feta, Swiss are also great snacks for seniors. 

Popcorn: Try low salt buttered popcorn, many seniors love it. Scientists recently reported that popcorn was on their list as one of the top 5 healthiest snacks.  

Boiled Eggs:  Boiled eggs is an excellent source of protein and its good for seniors while they are just relaxing.

Finger sandwiches:  Finger sandwiches always make a great treat. How about tuna on rye, peanut butter, cucumber or cheese sandwiches cut up into small squares. That would make them more tempting to light eaters.

Residential Assisted Livings Homes are perfect for one on one attention and delicious elderly snacks. 

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