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5. Driving signs that its time for residential assisted living 

Our lively hood often depends on the ability to drive (or the arrangement of alternate transportation options). If your loved one is still driving, take a ride with them and Look for:

  • Scratches and dents on the car. Notice the car body as you get in and out of your loved one’s car. If there is damage marks, scratches or dents on the car then it may be a good time to start looking for residential assisted living.
  • Fastens his or her seatbelt. Even people with mild dementia usually follow the basics of driving. It’s worrisome if he or she is forgetting this step.
  •  Easily distracted. Is your loved one turning off the radio for no reason? Are they unwilling to engage in conversation while driving? Are they avoiding certain routes highway?  Are they afraid to drive at night or in the rain?  If the answer is yes, it may be time for you to look into a residential assisted living home.
  • Dangerous driving. People whose driving ability is impaired are more likely to tailgate, drift from their lane, go below the speed limit, react slowly to lights or other cars, and mix up gas and brake pedals. If you see any of theses signs while your loved one is driving then monitor them , if it gets worse then a residential assisted living home would be perfect for them
  • Warning lights. Make sure you check out the dashboard as you ride along with your loved one. Does the car have sufficient oil, gas, antifreeze, windshield-wiper fluid?


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