Social signs that it might be time for residential assisted living

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Think reasonably about your loved ones social interaction. Look for:

  • Signs of active friendships. Does your loved still go with their friends or do they still visit with family members or neighbors, or participate in religious activities or other events? Does he or she talk about others or keep a calendar of appointments? Lack of companionship is associated with depression and heart problems in older adults. If friends have died or moved away consider a residential assisted living home.
  • Decrease in activities and interests. Has your loved one stopped takingOK interest in their favorite past time activates? Have they canceled their memberships? There are several reasons seniors cut back, but when they drop out of everything and showing no interest in what they used to love to do then it might be time to look into a residential assisted living home.
  • Not leaving the house. Staying in the house is a common occurrence why?  Because your loved one can’t do the daily activities that they use to do, such as drive, exercise, shop and play golf.  If your loved one is afraid to leave the house, it may be time for you to look into a residential assisted living home.
  • When loved one calls you on a regular basis. Does your loved one call you several times day and night? If so they are feeling either lonely, frightened, when this happens consider looking into a residential assisted living home. 
  • Worst-case scenario. Think about the worst case scenario, what happens if there's a fire, earthquake, flood, or other disaster, is someone on standby to assist? Does your loved one understand the plan? If not this might be the time for you to look for placement into a residential assisted living home. 

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