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2. Close-up signs that are not always visible 

There are some signs that aren’t always visible from a distance; particularly when you don’t see the person every day.

Some clues to look for:

  • Weight loss. Does your loved one look and feel thinner? Are their clothes lose, or has added holes to their belt? There are a broad range of conditions, from depression to cancer. A person who is having trouble getting out to shop, cook, eat, take medication and even pay their bills are close up signs that its time for a residential assisted living home.
  • Frail. Do you feel anything unusual about your loved one’s strength and stature when you speak or hug them? Can your loved one easily get out of a chair? Does she or he seem unsteady or unable to balance when they are walking or standing?
  • Weight gain. Frequent causes include an injury slowing the person down such as diabetes and dementia if you notice that your loved one is regularly eating meals or snacks all day, that’s a close-up sign that it may be time to look for a residential assisted living home
  • Body odor. Regrettably, a close hug can also divulge changes in personal hygiene habits, which can range from memory difficulty to depression to other physical illnesses.
  • Changes in appearance. Does your loved one’s hair and makeup look all correct? Are their clothes clean? If your loved one is known for ironed shirts and creased pants is now wearing stained shirts and wrinkled pants that is a close up sign that its time to look into a residential assisted living home. 

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